Friday, 15 June 2018

A new home for Atlantis - part 38

Ello is me again! Bin a while ain't it? I forgot where I was. Oh yeah we was gonna find annuva moorin for Atlantis an move her an they was gonna finally get to work again after a lonnnnnnnnnng time of not being able to get on board her (legal fings).

Well, true to her word, mum found a moorin. T'was in a place where they had looked years ago funny enough. Lowestoft! So the mooring was found, the deal was done. All they needed to do now was get Atlantis seaworthy enough for them to get her up there.

Now, why dus these fings always ave to appen in Winter? Poor old mum and dad spent 5 months from November to March getting Atlantis ready for her trip. I was supervisin the whole time of course, keepin em on their toes.

First fing dad ad to do was find out what was urgent to fix and what we could live wiv for the trip wifout danger to life! Atlantis had been laid up so long , there was a lot to do! So, his list looked a bit like dis:

  • Fix the raw water pump without which we couldn't run the engine
  • Weld the wheelhouse so we could put in the navigation lights
  • Weld the Portuguese bridge for added safety whilst at sea
  • Install new batteries for the 24-volt navigation system
  • Clean and prepare the fuel tanks
  • Fix the anchor windlass (that's a winch to you landlubbers)
  • Repair the crane
  • Get new ropes
  • Fabricate new bollards
  • Get rid of all the rubbish (mum's job!)

Water pump - the raw water pump was rotten so dad had to machine a new shaft, new seals and gaskets.

Making sure we could anchor safely out at sea was impawtant as we couldn't make the trip in one go. The anchor's hadn't been lowered for quite a few years so we had to test em. Dad had to get sledgy out again.

You might remember we did also get Bandit wot is our rib that is our tender and our life raft if we needed it, wot we didn't I am glad to report. We took her out for tests on the Blackwater during November.

More next time on all the fings wot we dun. I hope you enjoy the bloggy and is good to be back!

Lexie out!

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