Tuesday, 27 November 2018

The Last Post

When I was a little pup there was a period in me life when I didn’t get treated so good. As I got a little older, I found meself on board a boat. It was very big boat and it was a scary place to be for such a little dog as me an da man that lived there didn't care about me. Then one day, some people showed me how it was to be loved and how I could be free to be me. This was the day I met me dad – aka The Dogfather – and the mum aka mumpty! You can read the whole fing ere.

Course, I never knewed it then but they was gonna turn into me foreva fambly and we wud never be separated and I would grow old wiv dem. They was always there for me and I for them. We sure had some fun togeva, first on Atlantis and then in various houses and countries. I even had me own pool for swimming in. Mum an dad got me a ramp to elp  me in an out.

As we know tho pals the day comes when it is your time to go and yesterday it was my time. I has left em boaf broken earted but they dust not need to be becoz of me bein over rainbow bridge wiv some true legends like Marley, Bridie, Ted the Legend, Rohan, Zowee, Ginger an Mac, Harvs, Bunners, Gunner, Sydpie, Brutus, Frugal Dougal, Rosie Posie, Annie, Bonnie, Jacky, Dusty, Tiggy, Pepi Smartdog and oh so many many many pals. We is avin right larf I can tell ya! Now we gonna has a #pawpawty we never gonna forget :). Rainbridge is gonna rock rock rock!

Don’t be sad mum, don’t be blue dad, coz you was the bestest fambly a girl could ever wish for. Now … get on wiv dat boat will you! I wanna see you boaf in Malta. I be watchin and prolly post from time to time to let pals know ow fings be progressin.

Now me gonna sign off.

Lexie ....... out.


  1. Tears be streamin, sends hugs fur Mum.
    Hardest bloggy of yurr life - my wot a big life you've had #SmexieLexie. Thanks fur yurr friendship, yool always be me speshal BT gurrrl.
    WeK xox

  2. Oh, dear Lexie, thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us. You always brought smiles to Dusty, Hurley and Scribe. Pop so enjoyed your posts from the Atlantis. He loved you dearly. Bless you , your mumpty and dad.

  3. Dear Lexie. We have always loved you and we always will. <3 Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

  4. Oh Lexie, thank you for sharing that. #Angel Pixel & I (#AngelJinny) are rockin right along side you here over the bridge. That was a beautiful story and we're hoping you write more from your new angel's point of view. We love you <3

  5. What a lovely last post Lexie. We will all miss you, luv fwom Freddie, Bessie n young Pudding

  6. Aw Lexie, so sorry to see you go.

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