Saturday, 24 April 2010

I've been tagged by dat lovely Mookie!

Yes I have been very lazy wif regards to this post! I got tagged by ma lovely friend wot is Mookie, who is a most wonderous guinea pig! His bloggy is ere, which I fink I told you about before. As you may remember, he is live with Lippe who is ma great friend wot is travellin the world meeting anipals!

Here do be the game's instructions first:

1. Open your first photo folder
2. Scroll down to 10th photo
3. Post photo and tell a little bit about it
4. Pass it on to 5 others

Well, I look at ma folder of photos. Me and the mum does have separate folders for our photos. When I scroll to ma 10th photo, guess what I found? A photo of me - swimming! Quelle surprise! I hear you say. Indeed, I say back to you as well. How boring! We all knows Lexie is a blinkin dog dat is enjoying lots of swimming, she certainly goes on about it enough! Oh no! What to do!

I ask da mum to step in and look at her folders, see if she got anyfink that is not a) of me and b) of Atlantis! Luckily, she has been scanning old family photos and has dated everyfinks. So, this be the 10th photo from her first photo album and I fink I let her use ma bloggy to tell you bout it in her own words! Over to you da mum!

* * * *

This is a photo of an album cover from my most-played collection. They are called the The and the album is called Infected. The album was released in 1986.

The first time I heard this album I knew this band were different from what was around at the time. I couldn't get to the shop quick enough to buy the video to go with it! Wow! The video was just as amazing.

I had heard nothing like it before. This was a new kind of music and the lead singer, Matt Johnson, created lyrics that seemed to speak to me directly and were about things going on in my life at the time.

I quickly became a fan of their music and videos. I went to every gig I could (which were few and far between - they were very underground at the time). 

This album had amazing strings and brass arrangements and a guest appearance on Slow Train to Dawn by Neneh Cherry. The album was written at the height of Thatcherism. It was an album of its time. It spoke to us about our frustration with the system and the inequalities around at the time. Here's what NME said about it:

“It's uncanny. In just eight songs Johnson has freeze-framed a whole nation at a moment in time. Infected - to an eerie, ultimately disturbing, extent - is Britain 1986 trapped on vinyl."

Over 20 years later and I still listen to the album regularly and watch the fantastic video. Over the years one track or another still hits me and I think 'yes! that is exactly how I feel'.

If you get the chance to listen to any of their albums, also consider Soul Mining, Mind Bomb, Dusk, Hanky Panky (a tribute to Hank Williams like no other),  Burning Blue Soul, Solitude and Naked Self.

Their website has a jukebox of their songs and you can get a taste for their style and the impact of their lyrics if you can transport yourself back to the 1980's! Here's the link

* * * *

Ok is me again Lexie! Your hostess wiv da moastests. So now I dus tag five friends wot I wud like to do the same fing on they bloggy too. Here goes!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lexie discovers BBQ sausages - part 6

We is back on da boat theme again and anova chapter in the life of me, the mum, the dad and of course our vessel, the lady Atlantis.

I fink I sticks wif 2005 because I didnt really tell you much bout wot mum and dad was doin that year, da focus in ma last post was all me!! So I say, enough about me for a change! I moved offishully on board during the summer and mum and dad were in the middle of buildin the new back structure. Dis back structure is gonna be wot is known as the saloon (dis be lounge or living room to lubbers of da land).

They arrange for about 10 tons of new steel to be delivered by crane barge to da boat. Here I am ensurin dat the steel is of acceptable quality! I has growed up a bit since den as you can see, and, perhaps some might say I filled out a bit heehee! Dat is good livin ma friend!

First of all dad welded all these lickle triangles to the deck which would become da supports for da beams wot go up! They were all measured and and tacked into place. Mum particularly enjoyed the fact that they are about ankle height and she manage to catch her ankles just about every time she move around the deck. Oopsie! Dat be her tho she always fallin over fings, trippin up fings and wot not.

Ok so once dem triangles all welde in on boaf port (dat the left to you landlubber) and on da starboard (dat is right landlubber) side dad start weldin in da beams wot becomes da erm fingies for da walls. I forget da word I ask him later but he is out right now! Here is dad admirin his handywork in da sun and smokin a fag!! He dussnt smoke no more!

After the straight bits is in place, den is time to put supportin beams across between the uprights on port and starboard. Member wot dat mean? Oh good ... jus testing! You can see in this ere picactur that da beams is goin across to da over uprights. you can also see orrible boat wot I was prisoner on. On da right of dis and the picture above you can also see the beautiful lovingly crafted anti-Lexie door mum and dad put up to stop me jumpin onto the ova boat (dat is called Mamba). Mmm no expense spared eh? heehee! And they callin dis their luxury yacht! Bless em.

Ok next fing wot they dis is to put the walls in place usin the hiab. They then clamp da walls to the beams (clever eh?) then dad does bit more tacking wif stick welder as is called. This is temporary weldin just to hold da metal in place until he does big weldin wif da Mig welder wot is big machine wot let you weld for long time big welds! See I could work in a shipyard no problemo! Here are the walls goin into place.

Dad had meticliously measure all dese fings and did draw it all first usin his autocad software wot elps him design fings da right size, shape and place on da boat. Clever ain't he? Member he has tefal head as discussed previously! Me and dad give everyfin a quick check, make sure we can walks along da side of da walls nice and easy like. Is perfect for Lexie! I also fort I check to see if door is over in case I wanna jump onto Mamba for quick bit of fun!

Next fing dat appen is to put on da roof of da structure. This was made up of four plates wot they had to crane into place. Here is one of da plates being craned in place by dad. Mum took photo's whilst directin dad coz he cud not see what was appenin! She was very crossing her paws dat it would not just slide off da boat into the water! Luckily enuf it did not! heehee.

Once all da plates was in place and da walls was done on boaf sides, time for dad to do some serious welding! Here is some welding wot he dun on the roof of da new structure. He use the jack wot you can see on da roof to bring da plates togeva so he can do nice big strong welds. Mum was his assistant and I had to stay on the maindeck coz of hot welding and sparks, for ma own safety!

Here is da view from inside the back structure. You can see is really taking shape now! Was a great place to go and cool off from dat hot sun of da summer. We all did sit inside eatin our ice creams and drinkin beer an cider (water in ma case humph). 

Mum cook evenin BBQs and I did get lots of lovely nommy sausages. Life for me was totally different. Mum did take me walkin EVERY DAY! And she teach me bout swimmin so we can go to the beach and have fun there too. At night we wud all sit on back of boat relaxin. I wud sit on mums lap while she give me tickles. 

They wud larf all the time and av music playing. Was so nice not bein locked up and free to roam around as I liked. Mum show me where to poo and wee in case we can't get off boat and them she just clean it up after I bin. No shouting, no hitting! Dat will take some gettings used to.

This photo shows the finished roof and how much welding dad did. Was very safe to stand on there. Mum and dad take me there sometime up the ladder. They did buy a little boat so we can go for trips out to sea! Is very good fun!! Da wind dus blow in your face and spray from da sea is all over you. Is very tickly and funny.

Dis is photo from anova pontoon wot show the whole of da boat. You can just about see the new structure on the back. Dis work took them most of dat year to complete and by the end of Autumn they were ready to move on to the next stage.

Tune in for da next episode and find out more about ma first holiday to the Lake District!

Lexie out!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Lippe came to town

I fink you all know who Lippe is! He on his 2010 World Tour and is spendin time away from his family visiting anipals around the world. You can read more about his adventures on Mookie's wonderful bloggy at

I was so honoured when Mookie told me dat Lippe would be coming to see me! He had spent a great time already with Bijinte and I Am Fuzzy; dey is two of wonderful bears wot you will find on Twitterington.

Lippe arrived to stay wif us and he was dressed very neatly! We decide to get to know each ova right away and we make friends as soon as he work out i loves avin ma ears tickles.

Lippe got settled in right away and mum tell him dat he goin wif her to bellydance practice tomorrow so early to bed! He had a little go on her drum so he get in da mood. Drum is called tabla or doumbek or darbouke. Mum show Lippe a Baladi rhythm wot go dom-dom tak-a-tak, dom tak-a-tak.

Mum got da bedroom ready for Lippe and he had nice big bed to himself. I fink it was a bit too big for him maself. I'm sure I cudda shared it but mum wasn't too keen on dat idea! I wonder why?

Next mornin we got ups early and Lippe had look out the window while I was doin ma business!

It was a lovely sunny day so before Lippe went wif mum to bellydance practice, we had a little play outside. Mum give Lippe ma bestest ball to frow for me. Not sure he was gettin da idea so I give him so lickle tips wif some whisperin in his lug-hole (he dussnt have ears!!).

Postie-lady came around as well and bring a surprise present for me! It was from Mookie and was some lovely noms wif postcard as well! Lippe readed da postcard to me as I am not too hot wif all dat kind of fing. Fanx Mookie! As you can see I am dribblin wif anticipation of eatin dem noms. I has eaten dem all now and dey was scrumptish.

Mum and Lippe gets ready for bellydance! Here is Lippe in his arab costume! I fink he was hopin to start up his own harem!

On Thursday night, was time for #keepfits wif @henryandfriends. Lippe was very good at stretchin and relaxin! One of da fings I not so good at. We had a little fun at da #keepfits but I fink Lippe was bit tired from all his exershuns and travellin.

Next day we treated Lippe to a tramp around da RSPB bird reserve wot is in Tollesbury. Was long walk bout 8 miles and Lippe did get a lift in mum rucksack from time to time. I have ordered new rucksack for mum - speshul Lexie-size!

We saw lots of birds (which I am not allowed to chase boooo!) and I had swim. It was a bit cold so Lippe kept warm inside da rucksack quite a bit! I fink he might of eaten some of my biskits too! Ma supply certainly seemed subanshully reduced!

We got to da bit of river where I can usually has swimsies. Dis time we not bovver bout dat  but you can see is nice pretty river dat go out to da sea in da end.

These are birdies I is not allowed to chase - don't see why not - I just keepin them on their toes for da exercise! Not like I wuds eat em or nuffink. 

Next day we dus take Lippe off to Colchester. Dis is oldest recorded town in England and was called Camulodunum (accordin to da historians wot write history dey dus say was AD60 or maybe AD77). We took Lippe to Colchester Castle. Dis was originally the Temple of Claudius and build around AD10. Den lots of different impawtant types of peeps did build more bits of it. Stop me if I gettin technical! Queen Boudica who was fearsome warrior woman did destroy it in huge battle. Here is wot it look like today:

The castle had a jail in da dungeons and we show dis to Lippe. Da jail was used by da self-proclaimed Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins who murdered women and young girls in Essex becoz he say dey was witches. Dere was nearly 600 womens killed in Essex. We showed Lippe da jail and he did not like it I dussnt fink.

We took Lippe to da Hollytrees Museum. This is museum of random fings wot you can find in everyday life. We saw many kitchen fings and stuff about da girl guides in there. Was interesting. We show Lippe loads of teaspoons wot you use wif teacaddy to make ... well ... tea of course! I fink Lippe really liked da spoons.

We decide dat becoz of dere is no rain and the sun was shinin, we pop outside for a quick cuppa (coffe dis time not tea!) and some cake. We buyed Lippe a BIIIIG bit of cake which he stuff in his gob. He had cream wif it as well and I fink he dus really like cream. He sure can stuff it away for a small fella. Course I was on hand if anyfink did need lickin.

Next day was Sunday so we decide to ave relaxing time at ome. First of all dis is mainly becoz mum and dad does like to av nice big breakfast and watch F1 Grand Prix when it is on the telly. So mum cook up big breakfast for everyone and she take it to Lippe in bed.  I fink he never as seen a breakfaste as big as dat maybe? I was hangin around to see if he was gonna drop me a bit of bacon - no such luck! Humph!! I fink he wanted to but mum was watchin ;)). I mean who needs three sausages?

Den we did settle down to watch da Malaysian F1 Grand Prix. Was very eggcitin race and Lippe was quite settled on ma bean bag! I did not mind Lippe avin ma bean bag. Was comfty for him. We watched da race. Button and Hamilton were rubbish! Schumacher was also rubbish! Phhh mum shouted at da telly, sofmink she like to do a lot!

Sebastian Vettel won da race, in da end and he raced very well. Lippe was happy of course! Vettel is German so a great win for Germany, hooray!!!! You can see by ma expression, I am not appy wif da British drivers! We shall have to av words I fink.

We spent da rest of the day relaxin and went for some little walks down to da sea wall which is one of ma favorits. It was Easter Sunday after all. No point in exertin yourself too much ;)).Lippe ad a relax on da wall while I ran round sniffin fings.

 Mum, dad and Lippe had been to Pets At Home wot is the shop of doggie noms (note they went wifout me!!) and they brought me back some delishush noms!

Dat night we decide to spend a few days on Atlantis. Lippe was very eggcited bout it as I dussnot fink he ever been on a boat before. After avin a look at Atlantis from da shore, Lippe was so eggsited to get on board!

Lippe went straight to the wheelhouse to have a look out da windows! Dunno why! All you can see is da bridge over Maldon!

He decide to have a tour round and check out a few fings. Here he is looking at a deck porthole. It dussnot open and dad advises me dat we will be doin away wif dem for nice new ones wot I can poke ma head in and have a sniff, but not when we as guests on board he tell me! heehee I fink he dussnt know da Lexie!! There might be noms in there for dogness sake!

I decide to show Lippe more about ma job on da boat, which as you can see do be mainly supervisin, checkin decks for da comfort factor and generally mungin about lookin at fings and of course, mostly impawtantly, relaxin!!  I fink Lippe is gettin da hang of it, yes?

Lippe let us know he was very interested in helpin dad in da engine room. Dad did have a few wiring jobs to do and he needed to check da oils and fings like dat. Lippe stepped up to assist! Dad was most impressed! He commented dat me and mum alway seem to disappear when he mention engine room! Well DER!!!

So off he go wif dad. Mum did say to Lippe don't get dirty! Don't fink he cared. I know wot he means. Mum say to me - don't go in the mud - no Lexie no!! I say (in my head) cannot hear you!!!! heehee. I fink Lippe dun that too! When he came up from da engine room to test da hydraulics on da crane, look how filfy he was!!! Good work Lippe!

I ask Lippe wot he bin doin! He say checking fings Lexie! You know he say to me, dat is what make a great engineer. Ooooh I say. Dad say Lippe was better dan me and mum put togeva - humph!!!  Here he is checkin some gauges or sufmink like dat.

He also checked over dad's wiring diagram for da compressor, which was all tickety boo happarently! Phhhh like I'd know ;)).

Bored yet? No? Still reading? Phew fanx dogness. Ok, movin on. Dad ask Lippe to make sure all da levers for da engine are all workin ok. No problem he say! Aye aye captain.

Mum finks we should take him wif us when we sails to Malta! I hope Mookie will say yes and he can some and stay wif us for da trip. Poor Lippe, he was really tired after all dat work. We show him to his cabin for little sleepy dat night. He had a good wash and brush up in da head (dat the toilet to you, not the actual toilet hoomins sit on but da bathroom I mean ;)). Got it? hee-hee.

Mum ask me to point out dat this cabin is not finish yet (i'm sure you wud never av guessed). Is cabin wif two single bunks. Guests welcome when we is moored in Malta! We not jokin! Atlantis has enough room for 8 guests, 10 at a squeeze.

Next day we go back to our house so Lippe can get read to go on to Jazzy! We decide to have one last walk togeva. We goes to da sea wall and me, mum and Lippe sit togeva enjoyin da view. Me and mum startin to get bit emoshunal but we try not to show Lippe how much we gonna miss him!

One final cuddle back at ome and Lippe bids us farewell ready for his next stage of da journey to our great pal Jazzy Da Cat wot lives in London! We put little present in his belongins which will go to Mookie! We dussnt say nuffink bout wot it is now. 

Auf weiedersehen mein lieber kleiner freund (goodbye my dear little friend). Ich hoffe, wir werden uns wieder treffen. We will never forget you.

Lexie signin off ....... dancin wif tears in ma eyes *sob sob*