Saturday, 12 March 2011

Danger, danger - no entry for accident-prone mums - part 16

Hee-hee only jokin! Of course she didn't fall down the hole. Mainly, because she wasn't allowed to go near the area until dad had put in new engine rooms floors and made it safe! She was allowed to stand on the ladder and look at the long long upper-deck and take a photo though!

Dad quickly worked to get the roof on and to cover up the hole for safety. He took this photo! Mum wasn't allowed in the area to take photos and he kept forgettin to take photos while she was at work so they ain't got many photos of this part of the work until after! Pfffttt silly sods! Dis photo shows one of da holes!

Well it didn't take long to do put a few sheets of steel up on dat roof and weld dem in place. I'd like to show you da photos of dat but dad ain't got time for photos (he said). Here's a lovely pic of me instead enjoyin a walk wif mum just near da wharf. For your informashuns was April 2008! I dus look quite funny coz i ad bad haircut! Dis was when I was nearly 4 years old! 

Well movin on swiftly, after dad had put up da steel on da roof and over da engine room floor he decided was time to open up the wall dividin the back of da boat (we calls dat the saloon remember?) to da front. Mum very pleased coz it meant she didn't av to come up from da bedroom, go out the back door and walk outside round to da front to go to the toilet no more. Ere dus be the journey for your enjoyment ;).

First up da stairs:

Then walk to da aft (dat is back to you landlubbers) avoidin da obstacle course:

Den back along da outside on da port (left!) side and dat is usually in the dark too wiv torch:

We woz amazed how much it changed Atlantis when she was opened up She looks massive! As you can see we tidied up a bit too! I say we .... I mean mum hee-hee.

Here is view of da front where da new kitchen (galley) will be in da future. You can see da luxury bathroom on da right ;).

Well dat taked us to about October 2008 and fings were bobbin along nicely. Mum and dad make announcement to me! They is goin away for a whole week an is goin wifout me! Some malarky bout a weddin in Malta! Wot appen to me I says! You goin on holidays to some friends they says! Pftttt wot a bloomin liberty ;)). Toon in next time for some more bout everyfink bout Atlantis and our adventures.