Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Dreamers, tyre kickers and time wasters need not apply - part 37

Ello! Is me again, Lexie. Where was I? Oh yeah, sellin Atlantis *sob*,
bedroom all shipshape
So, the decision was made. Mum an dad had agreed. It was time to sell our beloved Atlantis. They were heartbroken.

The mill and the marina manager were ringing and emailing every week, putting pressure on mum and dad to move her. Move her where?! There was nowhere to go. So mum put Atlantis up for sale on a boat website. They knew it was unlikely someone would av the vision an ability to finish er but it was either that or they was gonna av er scrapped!

spray foamer
They dun a bit of tidying up in case anyone come round to look and removed some of the tools and equipment like the spray foaming machine. Mum even washed the duvet!

Mum got a call a few weeks later from someone wot was intrested in buyin er. I won’t tell you wot the asking price was, but let’s jus say it was a knock down once only price. Well this man an is wife came to look at Atlantis.

The came about 4 times in all I fink. Dad was there to talk through his vision for Atlantis and even offered to elp advise and guide his contractors (he wasn’t gonna do it imself). Looked like it was gonna appen.

Dad did some work on the engine to make sure she would run ok and be able to leave the mill. Then, the man sended an email, an email mind you saying he fort it was too  much to take on and was gonna start his own hog roast business instead! A what now? Pftttt weirdo!

tidy (sort of) engine room
Then annuva man says he wants er. So he comes to see her. Well, first fing he says? You wanna put some paint on that! Ha really? What a great idea, we never fort of that.

Then, whilst surveying the river through the awesome wheelhouse wot dad built, he says ‘what you wanna do is cut off the front of this wheelhouse and put some patio doors in and then she’d make a lovely houseboat’.

Lucky, dad wasn’t there. Coz if he had been, I fink he would have made the bloke walk the plank (if we ad one). Mum says I don’t think this boat will ever be a houseboat. Thanks and goodbye.

Mum rings dad. Come to the boat she says to im. So off we goes to Atlantis and meets mum there. Mum was crying. She says ‘I can’t do this. She doesn’t want us to let her go. We have unfinished business and it’s time we finished it’.

Dad says ‘ok, well, find me a mooring and I will do it’. Mum telled me later she felt so appy inside, knowin we was gonna get this fing done an we weren’t gonna sell her.

Now all she needed to dus was find annuva mooring! I'll tell you next week if we dun it .. but I fink you already know the answer to that one :).

Lexie out!

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