Thursday, 9 June 2011

Winter settles in - time to move inside - part 18

Well hello ma pals! I expect you fort I was never gonna blog about Atlantis again. Well you was wrong. We is still doin catch-up but are getting closer and closer of bein up-to-date. The next few bloggies dus be about getting frew da winter and plannin the building of the brand new wheelhouse wot dad designed himselfs using some software wot he dus tell me is called Autocad.

Any road up, where was I? Oh yeah, so as you know, last time I dun a bloggy I telled you bout how the wheelhouse was gone and we was battenin down the atches for da winter. Well, let me tell ya, those silly humans had taken out the heatin during the summer so they could complete some engineerin works.

Course, they dussnt av fur like me, so they froze their wotsits off during the winter this time! In an amusin attempt to try to reduce the condensation that comes off cold steel durin winter, dad went all foamy-tastic!  He spray-foamed the whole of the saloon, new galley (wot isn't there yet - the more discerning reader will have spied) and dinin area. ere dus be pictcha of a newly sprayed area. I fink he fort he was build a new Santa's grotto or somfink.

Any geeks in da audience might like to enjoy some stastititics. The foam is sprayed to a depth of about 2 inches, deadens sound, stops condensation and reduces (if not removes) the potential for rust. Fire resistant but not fire retardant. There that's the science bit ova wif! heehee. As you can see dad also placed battens on da walls which he will later use to apply da erm ... wot do you call it .... oh yeah ... walls!!

Winter does be a tough time - outside work can be almost impossible and welding? Forget it! So mum and dad try to occupy demselfs wiv internal works wot need doing. Dad wanted bit of privacy when workin inside so mum cunninly fashioned some curtains out of bin bags wot she lovingly cut up into hand window sized drapes ;). Hey - don't knock it - it will be all da rage now we as let our secret out on da bloggy heehee.

But Lexie! I hear you ask. What is all dem wooden fings in da photo? Well, I will tell you ma pals. Is da base for the custom built corner sofa unit. Is gonna be massive! Lots of lounging for da Lexie I fink, hurrah! Again, annuva design by Dad of Atlantis. Mum has started callin im Mr Tefalhead coz he seems to be quite clever at doin lots of fings wot neiva of us had any idea he could do. Ere dus be annuva shot of said sofa unit, As you can see, they may have to refink the lengf near the door. I dussnt want no interferin wiv ma me personal door!

Mum also wondered (secretly at first of course) whether her feet wud be able to touch the ground as it goes back a long way. Dad advised that sofa had a back as well, and by the time cushuns was on there it would be fine (me an dad rolled our eyes at each uvva -- tsk even a dog like me cud figure that out - mum so silly).  Mum took this photo from the galley door - we fink it shows how long the main deck really is and how well the grotto approach works!

Time for a little break and a nice long winter walk around a country park up da road. Lots of great space to run around in and hillls to climb so we dus get fit. Look like I'm about ot take off!

Next time see the wheelhouse appear before your very eyes - like magic! Fanx for readin ma pals.


  1. Woooohoooo,missd the bloggy xxxx

  2. Wow dat iz da most amayzing projekt an it sure takes a long time! You must be a rilly payshunt doggy Lex. *purrr*

  3. I like the sound of that foam....deadens sound.....can I borrow dad to give Lola a coat?