Monday, 4 July 2011

Bob errr I mean Dad the builder - part 19

Hello ma pals. Ow fings? In ma last post I did forget to tell you dat we is now seeing what went on in 2009. Mainly buildin the new wheelhouse as you will see! Once da weather was gettin bit warmerer dad decide is time to build the new wheelhouse! We also heard some worrin rumours bout the marina where we woz moored and fort was time to get wheelhouse done or we wuddnt be able to move Atlantis if we needed to.

First dad did work out ow much steel we needed to be able to build wheelhouse. Here be da first delivery from our pals wot dus av steel fabrication workshop nearby.

Dad also had a load of box steel delivered too that dus be a steel toob type fing wot dus be used to build the frame dat the steel gets welded to.  Dese is da steel sheets close up wot will became da walls and roof of da wheelhouse. Dem wooden blocks is there so is easy to get da crane hook under da plate and lift em up - clever eh?

I won't bore you wiv more cranin pics there's been enuff of dem already! So, once everyfink safely craned on board, time to start building! First, dad dun lot of measuring and checkin and measure and checkin to work out where da back wall will go so he cud use dat as the reference point (hey I am gettin quite technical these days ;)). Here is the first frame up! Was horrible day as well, rainin and cold brrrrr.

In case you dos be wonderin wot dat chimney-lookin fing is ... is a chimney! hee-hee.

Next fing was to get all the frame built all the way up to where the front of the wheelhouse wud evenshully be. There was lots of measurin goin on coz is impawtant to get the wheelhouse on straight. Wuddn't want a wonky one wod we? So da routine .... measure, build, weld .. next frame, measure, build, weld .. next frame and so on! You get da piccha!

Dis took dat bout a week to complete. Was still early in the year so quite damp and frosty. Even though we had lots of sunny days, dad wud have to wait until the frost was gone and the sun had dried out the roof enuff so he cud weld.

He was also weldin angle iron on da sides of where the uprights and crossbeams meet to add extra strengf and also keep the structure from bucklin. You can also see the angle he welded on about halfway up to make sure each upright was in line wiv da last.

As you will of course recall, this mirrors exactly how he build the main deck structure too hee-hee dussnt worry pals, dis aint a test. If you dun wanted to see dat, you can go ere:
Frame is comin along nicely I fink you dus agree! As usual, me an mum in awe of dad and wot he dus - he go vishun dat for sure cos we dus be avin trubble seein a wheelhouse! Not that we tells im dat, it be our little sekrit shhhhh!!
See you nex time ma pals when walls and roofsies start bein built! Believe it or not, I dus be in one of dese picchas. Can you tell which one ... Spot Da Lexie! First correct answer on a postcard wins a sossidge ;).


  1. Always enjoy these updates,,,,yay xx

  2. Lordy....yore dad has some clever eyes if he be seeinin a wheelouse under all that contruskshun...I dussnt even be seein a boat at the moment!!

  3. Its coming along Lexie, your dad sure iz amayzing!

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