Saturday, 23 April 2011

Mum an dad has a holibobs - part 17

Well pals we move on to  November 2008 and mum an dad goes on they holibobs. I can't be too annoyed wif dem because:

a) they is goin to dad's uncle's weddin wiv all his famby and
b) this the first holibob they had since they buyed Atlantis and dad needs a big rest

Our friends wot dus be Len and Julie did look after me while they was away for 10 whole days! I did miss dem somfink awful and mum did ring up all da time to find out if I was ok (which I was)! They had a great time I fink. Ere is some photos of wot they dun:

Dis be da otel wot they stayed in wot as got a pool! Was very warm for da time of year happarently so they did some swimmin in it! Dat buildin in da background dus be 18th century castle and dis where dad's uncle got married!

Course first fing dad wanted to do was find some boats an look at moorings for da future! First they went to a place called Marsaxlokk (pronunced marshaslock) and did find lots of boats. Made dad very appy!

They went for trip to Valetta too and saw some more fishin boats (mum say dad finds boats wiv his spidysense). They was like mini-Atlantis's! Not that they was missin er or anyfink ;)).

And annuva one! Busman's holiday! Mum wonder if dad was gonna go and get some weldin gear and hop on board!

Dad avin kittens over a dry dock in Malta wot would make Atlantis look tiny!

Annuva Atlantis!

Grand Harbour, Valetta - where Atlantis gonna live one day (and us of course)

Now some time for sightseein (wifout boats!)

Ok well one boat (they was in this one) for a trip to da Blue Grotto Caves

Ere dus be one of da caves inside

Oh and a final boat (in case you was wondrin if they saw any more!)

Do you fink mum and dad might like boats a tiny bit? Heehee. Time to come ome now please! Atlantis and me wos save an sound you be pleased to know. Now time for da next phase - Operation New Wheelhouse! Oh no, it's winter again! And no heating now coz we had to take it out to get da wheelhouse off brrrrr it's gonna be a cold one. Still that fing moored next to us gave us a bit of extra protectchun.

It looks ok but let me tell you is freezin in dere! I am getting ma winter coat fanx dogness!

Next time on da Atlantis story ..... dad goes spray-foam crazy and opens new Santa's Grotto heehee! Mum gets chicken-wire on da ramp for safety.


  1. Thoze grottos iz bewtiful! That musta been a nice hollybob. Gooness grayshush youz musta put on lotsa furz in teh freezing colds Lexie!

  2. What a lovely holibob! Too bad you couldn't go with them, there were lots of pawesome smells there!
    Cairn cuddles, Oz

  3. Wot a loveley holiday they had. I ope Vienetta is not so far away that we can't come an visit when you is movin dere. Is it close enuff for me to swim?

  4. Looks like M&D had a lovely holiday (& I bet secretly you had a nice holiday too - but they don't need to know that!)
    Cold is good excuse for a snuggle up with the humans!

  5. Mmmm i fink is a bit of long swim Marley! Your dad will ave to chauffeur drive you down frew France an Italy and get da ferry! Dat is wot mine are doin when is ma turn ;))

  6. @diamondbertie has just noticed your blog (a bit late) sorry, very interesting lovely pictures