Saturday, 10 August 2013

Is it gettin otter in ere?

Hello ma pals! Ow fings? Is me Lexie!  Now then, as you may or may not know, I dus like to av the odd swim ;). Til now, I dus mainly do swimmin in rivers and the sea.

However, a few munfs ago all dat did change and turns out mum and dad has gone an got me ma very own swimmin pool! Errr ... well ok they didn't get it just for me, I has to share it wiv dem unfortunately pfffftttt.

Fing is, even tho I dus love to swim (as you may or may not know teehee) I was too scared to swim in the pool because I has to have a way in and a way out. Well ma very good friend on Facebook wot dus be Elizerberf telled me abowt this fing called a Scamper Ramp and ow we could get one an put it in then I cud get out of the pool easy.

So, mum opened up her wallet (moths were flying everywhere BOL BOL) and buyed it for me! Took ages to come. It came all the way from Americy. That wasn't the hard bit coz it achewlly arrived wivin 5 days. The big problembo was the customs! Took em free weeks to sort it out. Doesn't matter, coz its ere now.

Ere I am checking it all out

Seems to hold ma weight ok ;).

Doggie paddle is the stroke of choice in this house ;).

I fort you might like to see a bit of video of me  using it wot dad done. You will see mum in da background floatin around as lifeguard on standby in case of incidents ;)). Fink she needs some elocushun lessons - she gets more Essex every day pffffftttttt.  Just a short swim first:

An a bit further this time:

The best fing about it is that if, for some reason, I fall in the pool (unlikely) and they ain't there, I can scamper up ma ramp quick as a flash and be all safe an that.

Woofhoo!!! Well that's it for now, talk to you soon, this be Lexie signin off, lovin life and livin it to da max baby heehee!



  1. Wow Lexie. You're a natural. I'm impressed by both your swimming and your using the ramp like it's been there forever!

  2. Aww Lexie that looks so fun an or so smart!!to bad it customs so long to get it sorted!

  3. OMD that be pawfect for you my is very clever usin, but why ave your frown mum in da pool in her cloves?

  4. Haha! She be wearin a shorty wetsuit ma pal ;).