Thursday, 29 August 2013


Hello! Is me .. Lexie! Ow fings? Well pals, as you might know, I dus like to swim heehee. I fink I may of mentioned it a few times ;).

Anywoof, mum and dad luvs to see me enjoyin ma Skamper Ramp. I dussnt be scared of the pool any more and can get in an out easily wiv ma ramp. See ma uvva post for a better look at da ramp ere.

Coz they dus be scoobin divers they got all their gear at da pool for practisin so they decided wod be fun to filum me from under the wata coz they fink ma legs is so funny happarently!! Pftttt cheek! I am like a glidin swan I says ;).

So there you go, doggie paddle from under the water courtesy of the dad! Oh, ignore mum showin her amazin underwater skils (NOT) for the camera. She is a right silly moo ;).

Fanx ma pals ... paddles off ... paddle paddle paddle


  1. Lexie! Dat be bwil bwil bwil pal! Jus sayin!

  2. Fanx ma pal! xxx oh the pool is not green by the way is just ow video come out on yootoob!

  3. Fabulous!!! I loved it Lexie. You is very good a swimming, yup!

  4. Yoo is like a otter my pal.....