Monday, 7 June 2010

Thar she blows - part 9

Hello me old chinas! Yes it dus be me again. Lexie! Da cockney sparra. You know wot dus mean china of course! Is cockney rhyming slang for china plate = mate (friend).

Well enuf of all dat Eliza Doolittle malarky let's get on wif fings. I has decide to concenratates on 2007 again. Dis was a long year wif lots of fings appenin for mum and dad. I, of course, remained completely wonderful and lovely. I still bin gettin lots of walks and as bin playing wiv ma ball. I dussnt even realise that I has had about 20 balls coz we has lost so many!

I even got annova holiday -  in Cornwall this time and celebrated my 3rd birfdee as well. Mum forgetted to take da camera on holiday! What an idiot so we dussnt av no photos of me on dat one! Life wif mum and dad seemed to consist of endless walks, play, swims and general lovin. Dis is what is all about init? The love and joy our hoomins bring us .... oops I mean we bring to our hoomins heehee.

Dad had finished diggin out our new berf for Atlantis which we was movin from da marina to a working wharf where we did av a crane wot dey had buyed for to elp wif da remove of da wheelhouse.

Not content wiv working on Atlantis, Audlyn River, mum holdin down a day job and bellydancing, they decide to take up annova hobby - powerboat racin! I fink perhaps they shud of consulted the fashion police before havin dis photo taken! I did not go in boat wif dem when they is racin, as is too dangerus for doggies. Dad was driver and mum was be the navigator. When they was not racin we go out for rides in da boat.

Back at da marina is end of May and mum, dad and Jared has prepared Atlantis to move to her new home around the corner at da Wharf. Becoz of her draught/draft (that dus be the distance between the waterline and the bottom of da hull) they had to move Atlantis over two tides. First, she did go to on the tide to the outside of the outer arm where she was moored. When the next day did come, we sailed her round to her new moorin at da wharf. Thar she blows!

She get settled into her new moorin. She sits high on the mud at first and it will take her some munfs before she start sinkin down into the mud. Dat only mean one fing, more sleepin at a angle again til she settle down. We used to dat! That is also a great fing bout sleepin on the floor, can't fall off nuffink! Mum knows dey soon gonna be sleeping in a bed again. She keeps wonderin to herself if she gonna fall offa da bed! Dad say he get her a safety net! haaaahaaa he funny dat one! He a keeper - as far as I concerned - dey boaf is! Dey has passed da test ;)). Dad built a nice big ramp for us to get across from da land to Atlantis. Is safe and wide. Dad did boing up and down on it lots and lots for us to see was very safe!

Here you can see dat Atlantis sit up so high on da mud that my lovely friend Jared can stand inside wot us seafarers call da kort nozzle! Dat duz be the protective fingamabob wot go around da propeller - see?? Avast ye landlubbers get to it! Jared dus be really tall as well he is like abot 6 ft 3 inches or somfink like dat, so you can see ow big our propeller dus be! Ain't he lovely? I dus really love Jared, he so kind to me and has always got big smiles and tickles for me!

While she dus be sittin high on da mud, they also decide to give her a bit of a clean up on the hull, washin off barnacles and ovva orrible slimey green fings wot I can't possibly talk about. Mainly coz I dussnt know what they is!

We is gettin to know the locals a bit better too! Not sure they appreciate me swimmin on dere patch and I dussnt fink they saw the funny side! Made me larf tho ;).

I like it at the wharf, I can go out ma dog flap whenever I likes an go across da ramp to the yard. I dussnt need to be carried anywhere! The yard is all locked up at night wiv some big gates. I can wander around at my leisure! I like goin out at night and early mornin to see if I can catch rats. I fink my barkin is givin me away tho ;). Might have to refink ma strategy.

Well, that is that ... this turned out to be bout the move wot we dun at da end of May 2007. They can turn their attenhsun back to workin on Atlantis and Auldyn River. The main priorities for dad dus be to get us into a real bedroom so he can remove the wheelhouse! More about that in da next espiode!

Drink up me 'earties. Yo ho!


  1. Oh Lexi - you have such a great adventure. How lovely now that you can come and go when you want and where you want. I like your new friends - the swans.

  2. Hey, you showin other boys your kort nozzle? Pffff, i dunno if i like dat....hee hee

  3. wowed me again Lexie !! I luvs urs life story HUGSxxxx