Monday, 21 June 2010

oh i dus like to be beside da seaside!!

♫ oh i do likes to be beside da sea
oh i do like to stroll along da prom prom prom
where da brass-band play tiddly sossidge song ♫

Hee-hee! I dussnt even know wot a prom prom prom is! We did av a lovely time coz we went to da seaside da ovva week! You know what I really enjoys? Yes dat is right, swimmin! I fink you know me wells enuff to say you dus knows dat bout me! Dis me in da surf at ma favrit beach in Essex - Walton.

So where did this obesshun come from? Am I really a fish in disguise? Maybe, I mean they dus call us border terriers the otter dog coz we has a head shaped like an otter and when we is in da water you cuds mistake us for one. But it wasn't always dis way! There was a time when I was afraid of da water..........

When I was little an livin wif da orridbles man you may members dat I was trapped on his boat a lot on ma own. You also remembers dat I got fed up of bein on ma own one night and jump off his boat and swim round to mum and dad to be!  You can read about dat ere if you likes to but you dussnt av to!

Annova fing wot maded me bit more scared appen before mum an dad fitted Lexie's security door to da side of Atlantis (large piece of metal - no expense spared :0). Mum an dad had to go to a weddin. I hadn't been wif dem very long and it was da first time dey left me on ma own for a long period of time.

They had gone on little outins and they had teached me som code words 'back soon button moon'. Dis mean take a chill-pill Lexie we be back before you can say 'antidistinctlymintystablishmentism' fingy.

I notice that they was gone long time, longer dan usual! I got a bit worked up bout it an fink I go look for dem. They obviously forgetted where they dus live. I manage to jump ova from Atlantis onto Mamba wifout any problems. Now da hard but, jump from Mamba to da steps. I has never dun this coz mum always carry me up da steps.

One .. two ... free ... jump! Oops plop I goes! I missed da steps and fell between da boat and da steps into the mud. Luckily, the tide was out. Oh dear! I spended some time slappin about in da mud, plop plop plop round I went to Atlantis, nope can't get on dere. Plop, plop, plop back to Mamba. Nope no good there! Mmm fing was if I standed still too long I start sinkin in da mud. Oh gawd, wot gonna appen! I just keep ploppin round dat is the ticket!

After a bit, I dus hear voices and I can hear dat it be da mum and dad! Oh fanx goodness! Bark bark bark plop plop plop I goes. I hear mum say ' Lex knows we're back then' and larfs. Humph, you might larf woman, I be ploppin around in dis mud down ere!

They comes down the steps and jump onto Mamba, then they walk across and go on board Atlantis, wifout a care in da world! Oi, you two, over ere!!!! Bark bark plop plop. Wot is wrong wif dem? Is dey mutton jeff or sufmink?

I hear dem come runnin back onto Mamba and see dad head pop over the side above me. Finally tsssk! You know what they dun then? They larf at me! Pffft I mean really! Anyway, dad did get da boathook and pulled me up by my collar. I used to wear it all da time den, not like now where I dus take it off when I relaxin at ome! You be please to know dat I recovered from my trommactic experience.

Only fing was as a consquienz of dat I did get bit scaredy of water and swimmin. Not really sofmink you should be when you is ship dog! Mum and dad try to get me to go in the water but I wasn't avin none of it.

Mum decided da best fing to do was go swimmin erself so I wud follow er. Fing is wif regards to da mum we did has such a strong bond now dat she know I dus follow er wherever she go. Mum goes, I goes! Guess what? It did work! And now?

Well, you can't keep me outta da water. I likes to swim in da sea most of all. I don't mind da river but it dus give me da gurgly tummy. We fink is becoz of da brackishness of it. Mmm say we, I mean mum becoz I dussnt even know what dat mean! I'm a dog!

It was our dearest friend Kafleen (@pasikas), who worked it out from da very beginning and she was right! Our latest acquisition (fanks to Kafleen again) is a paddlin pool wot I can go in to keep cool in da hot summer. It was also from da advice of @henryandfriends dat I was brave enuff to finally go in da pool as well! You can read wot him sed to do in da Anipal Times.

So dat dus be ma obesheshun - water! Good job really aint it? Oh and dis me  in action avin swim at Walton - Baywatch styley!


  1. OH Lexie U duz get N fixies dont U ??I am glad U is not fraid of water now, an dat U has urs very own Paddlin pool !!! HUGSxxxx

  2. Ya are a 'Baywatch Babe' my furiend! A really true survivor! Your story is such a pleasure to read. Thank you for writing it! Woof woof. AnnieB

  3. Wow you iz rilly brave Lexie! Iz so happy you haz your own paddle pool an you not skarded of da waters any more.

  4. Hey! I dussn't like comin on ere and readin how you almost be dyin! How you fink dat make me feel? My one tru girl in peril....pffff. I fink you do put up warnin on dis blog....or do sum less dangruss fings pleez.