Wednesday, 24 February 2010

You have just been through a black hole - fanx for travellin wiv da Lexie

We is makin a quick stop in 2010 just before we heads back to 2004 and find out more about what shall henceforth be known as "Year of da Lexie"!

At da weekend we did move our crane to its new home ... a massive 300 yards away! Dis may not sound a long way but it was difficult for our dad to do becoz he has to get the crane arm, which dus be da longest fing eva, under a telegraph pole wire and round vehicles and wot not. He was bery close to dis car but managed to miss running it over:

Da weather was orrible an it was persistently precipitatin (dat be rainin to you lot). Luckily our friend Mark was there wiv his friend (who did give me a bit of his cornish pasty) and he let us hide in his container when it was really bad. He's got it all set up nice wiv some old car chairs, a big heater, a radio and lights. Is quite cosy! They never had a doggie their container before so I's fort it best to check around for crumbs and such:

Dad hop up in da cab and mum get into position ready to direct da crane arm under the wire while makin sure dat as the crane tracks back it don't hit nuffink or he don't drive into a car. Dis be da crane arm touchin da telephone wire:

Telegraph polls clear is now time to move some of da ova vehicles wot is in da yard. Our friend Mark has a forklift which he did use to move fings about. H did use da forklift to move dat blue truck:

Dad was jumpin in and out da cab of da crane and each time he hear funny lickle noise dat he not recognise. Hmm me finks no matter just carry on wiv da job in hand. Den .... he did rip his jeans in da most embarrassin area for a man ... around his meat n two veg, if you get ma drift! Mum had to rush off to da shops and buy him some new ones! Here do be the casualities:

The crane did move into place slowly but surely. I was checkin the yard to make sure everyfin was in order. Crane? What crane? I neva saw a fing occifer!

So, there passes anova day in da life of da Lexie! Now, back to 2004 where mum and dad are comin to terms wiv icy pontoons, frozen water pipes and crossin boats in the dark!

So fanx for stoppin by. It was ... nice to see you ... to see you nice!


  1. Heee heee heeee heee I am laughing about the jeans! You were lucky you got cornish pasty as well and an adventure with a crane wow what a fantastic day you had.

  2. It's me and I bring the sunshine... Please have a look!!!

  3. HaHa Urs dad better be careful or he may show all da neighbors him meet an two veg!!I luv da way U tell us bout yours wonderful life !!


  4. Oh Cat Almighty! That was a huge red giraffe!