Friday, 5 February 2010

I's only bin here five minutes!

Cor blimey, would you Adam and Eve it! I only bin here for a teesyweensy tiny bit of time and two wonderful pals wot I know has given ma blog da Honest Scrap award. As instructed, I am followin da instructions wot I as to do to repay dis great compliment to some ova pals wot I luvs.  Fing is not all of dems  as blogs but i dussnt care bout dat dey is still da best! First of all, here is a pictcha of da award:

Second to come I fank ma two friends @cokiethecat and my great new friend wot is called @mrsfiddlesticks! Dat is great name init? Ok so, accordings to da rooles I now has to do dis fing where I tells you 10 fings bout me which you was hunaware of and den I tell you ten over pals wot I fink you shud get dat award too. Off we toddle then:

  1. I live on a boat (heehee i know you probly know dat one!) oh i guess dat is no right to use dat one how bout 1a) i as psychic powers to will ma mum to open da fridge door to give me da cheese or ham wot i dus LUV!
  2. I is bery frighten of big black bin bags.
  3. I am a holympic swimmer and da most wot i swum is 1.5 miles wivout stoppin from Hoo to Upnor.
  4. I has ad all me gubbinses removed for da healf and safety of ma womb and dat so i dussnt never as had no baby Lexies but if I did they would be ---- GORJUS!
  5. I once took part in a doggie downathon and met Peter Purvis at da event (well he walked past me anway - that still counts right?).
  6. I luvs mud - oh yes I sure do. I loves to roll in it. I also lubs rolling in fox poo, rabbit poo, horsey poo mmmmm smelllyyyyyy.
  7. I luvs to DJ at pawpawties. If you wants a toon anytime, you let me know. I as a DJ page at
  8. Mum call me Dogstoyevsky coz she lub to read dem Russian books by Dostoevsky!
  9. I once did ate a whole packet of extra strong mints.
  10. I has got a pet passport so I can go travellin wiv ma mum and dad.
So now ma dear friends wot it readin dis bloggie, I is gonna tell ya bout some great pals wot I am awardin dis ... erm ... award to! Yes, here we go:
  • @marleyterrier - ma bestest border terier pal in da whole world, very funny and always give me is last rolo.
  • @pasikas - my wonderful scottish friend. She never fails to make melarf and I luvs to see her pop up on Twitta.
  • @henryandfriends - he is da most wonderful bear wot I knows
  • @tweetypie54 - makes me feel all warm and loved inside
  • @frugaldougal - that doggie has da biggest heart and does wonderful fings for anipals
  • @mattiedog - the cutest shih tzu i ever saw and he luvs a bit of bling.
  • @oatiedog - she is gorgeous, kind and just makes you wanna cuddle her right up.
  • @sydpie - very funny, very girly but most of all aint afraid to nick a sausage or two.
  • @diamondbertie - he is exacly that! A diamond geezer!
  • @OllyTed - i luvs goin to #keepfits wiv ma lickle bear pal! he sure knows how to do dem stretches.
Is very hard to say bout only 10 because I can fink of 100s and 100s! I av so many wonderful pals on twitta and I am so appy to have found you all.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersen, adieu .. dis dus be da Lexie signin off.


  1. Wow! I am honored! Thank you Lexie! SMOOOOOOOOOOCH!!! *blushes and dances happily all over your blog*

  2. Oh no - You got two awards yesterday too!!? OK! Then I'll give awards to TWO MORE bloggers!! I may have to do them ALL over again the way this is going! LOL!
    Love you =^..^=

  3. Lovely blog Treacle....@samthepoodle

  4. You live on a boat!? I never pictured you on a boat. Or you mom so pretty. Does she like older neutered boy cats?? =^..^=