Saturday, 9 February 2013

I know wot you dun last summer - part 34

Hello ma pals! I fort I give you a summin up of 2012 and get you in da mood for 2013 when we'll be doin more work on Atlantis again! Yes, I know is 2013 already but we gots to wait for Spring before commencin wiv any of dat!

We didn't get as much done on our lady as we ad oped, mainly because of her still bein stuck in the middle of the river! Well, all that has changed now and we has a new moorin up-river where we can get on and off wifout too much trubble now.

Mum an dad decided not much to be done so we spent most time on board gettin the engine in tip top shape for the move and sprucin her up a bit wif some paint!  Here's a pic of the starboard main deck wiv a nice coat of erm ... well .. battleship grey! 

Bein on the uvva side of the river wif no real piles to moor up again (ooh err obviously) so sometimes we was avin a bit of an angle goin on! As you can see dad demonstratin very well ere:

Hmm more lovely paintin by the mum .. on the port side this time. Err sooooo ... more battleship grey then! 

Oooo ere's mum undercoating ... wif .. yes you guess it, battleship grey, wiv a top coat of battleship grey!! Heehee, maybe she tryin to match her hair colour *runs under table*.

Course there's nuffink like a sunbathe on the deck. Even I managed to get involved wiv the paintin! Yep, you guessed it! Battleship Grey is the new look for Borders! heehee.

It is me or is it hot our there! I fink I'll just close my eyes and fink about how much I love battleship grey paint! Av you seen the mess in ere mum!!? Do you like my dog flap?

Looks like someone found the white and blue paint then! Makes a nice change ;).

Because it's a challenge to get on and off Atlantis, we were spending weekends on board. This mum's little stock cupboard (coz we ain't got no galley - aka kitchen - yet) but that is on da list for 2013! Mum very excited about that! Ahhh bless, look at her little cupboard heehee.

Looks like mum is tryin to sneak off downstairs probably for a lay down! I'm watchin er!

When the tide goes out, it really goes! Then we is on board for da night. Even if we wanted to get off we cuddnt. So best not run out of ma dog food or there be trububble!

Hmmmm our lovely cosy (half finished) bedroom. Nice place to relax. It's below decks too so nice and cool in the summer. Room for all free of us heehee.

Relaxin as night falls over the river. I'm cosy on my sofa thank you! We as a little radio wot we can play for entertainment and dad has rigged up batteries so we as some power to run the lights. 

Well, that's a little update on our Summer last year. More about our trip to Scotland and a few pics in our new moorin next time. Bye!


  1. Lexie as you iz a style trendsetter Iz sent Momz out to buy some battleship grey to do me up...Luks like a lot has been done last Summer...thanks fur sharing da update

  2. awww fanx Giz! heehee Battleship Grey goes wif any fur colour ;))

  3. Lookin bootiful my sad I haz missed my chnace to ave a ride on it....i send Clapton up wiv da champagne when she be done