Thursday, 6 December 2012

Shine on you crazy diamond

I've lost my friend Marley. He's gone over the bridge. He was everyfink to us and made everyone laugh, wifout exception. A true gent and a wonderful kind hearted pal. He is irreplaceable.

Here is a photo of Marley wot mum took back in April 2011 when he did us the great honour of coming to Borderfest.

Ahem .. now ... I may have been a little Lexibal to him. I can't possibly comment but I know he didn' t mind, he was above all that sort of high emotion wimmins fings! heehee.

I can't even begin to tell you what was so wonderful about Marley. Everyfink! He was very considerate pal and always asking after you and making sure everyone was all right even when suffering imself!

I know times is tough and money is tight these days but I fort it would be nice if we all made a donashun to one of his favourite charities wot is dear to all our hearts - namely - Terrier Rescue. I've made  a donashun in his name and I'd be blessed if you would fink about doing the same. Even only £1 or $1. Here's the linky to the site:

All you has to dus is click the Paypal linky and donate your sum. Doesn't forget to say is for Marley so they can keep tabs on how much we raise in Marley's name.

Marley, shine on my sweet pal, shine on. Oh an sorry I was lexibal at Borderfest!

Love you
Lexie xxxx


  1. I know he will be missed greatly - but he running thru the fields with Pepe showing him around RB

  2. Lexie, I know you and Marley were great pals and that you're going to miss him. We all will. Marley was a shining star even when he was still here on earth with us.

  3. Lexi dat is bootiful I did a little bloggy myself,
    I didn't get to meet Marley that day as mum got a bit lost *glares at mum* but I sniffed the ground he sat on and that's as good as in my books BOL
    He was a true star and us girls should be glad to of knowed im.
    Fank you for lettin me be an onnory BT that day x
    Martha the westie x

  4. Bless your little soul Marley. take care of our Pepe Francois who died so young and suddenly.

  5. Lexie, you are very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet Marley ... If it's possible to "know" a pal only through words, we knew and admired Marley's generous spirit and his own special wisdom...He will be missed

  6. What a sweet tribute to Marley. He will be missed.

  7. Dear Lexie, I don't know what to say...
    Just that we're so sorry you've lost your great friend. He will always be in our hearts.
    Love, Cokie

  8. Dearest Lexie, thank you so much for your kind words about the old boy. We had such fun at Borderfest and it was such a privilege to meet you and your family. Always in our thoughts. Typist

  9. Oh dearest typist. We are so appy we got to meet you all xxxx We will never forget our sweet pal xxxx