Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fun an larks on the River Blackwater - part 31

Well ma pals, as yo know we did move da boat up wivout any hitches. Except for a small issue wiv food but I won't go into that. No point raking over old ground, like the fact that all they had to eat was kellogs crispy squares an spaghetti hoops for the trip but .. that's another story, eh mum? heehee.

I fort I give you a quite summary again in case you forgot as it was so long ago! We made sure as much as possible was secure inside the boat so noffink wod fall over and hit us on the head or cause uvva injuries. Here's the saloon tidied up (yes that is tidy believe me).

Ere dus be da engine room  wiv da engine in full swing. We ad to take a plate off the floor that dad had previousy welded in. We haven't got full ventilation in there yet so we had to have somewhere for da smoke an heat to go. It was boilin down there!

Ere be a few members of da trusty crew - Len, Dad and Julie and of course yours truly! Len does not have cattypillar on his face is mustache for you informashun.

Yes, yes I could do wiv haircut but those was the days when I was livin on da boat an it cud be cold so I had to have lots of fur! 

A view of the portside wheelhouse. Noffink but sea sea sea. Nice! Shame it's only the Mudway ... I mean Medway! heehee.

Here's our tender still clinging on for dear life!

What's that down there? I thought I saw a mermaid! Wonder if she has any sossidges for me?

A view from the stern .. pretty much sea sea sea (again). Well we are 'at sea' what do you expect!

This is sat-nav for boats! Dad set it up on big screen so we can see where we going and we dussnt get stuck in any mud or shallow waters. There is a shelf in the Estuary wot we cud get stuck on over Clacton way if we don't time it right.

Shipping buoy fing ... don't worry it's not foggy that is just smoke from da engine room! Not fire smoke ..... diesel smoke!

Mmmm sunset -- time for dad to put his hat on!

How about that for an Essex sunset. Not bad eh? See we dus av bootiful sunsets in Essex too. Admittedly it was so cold your tongue cod of stuck to the steel but hey, one day, we shall be sailing around warmer climes drinkin Pimm and eat sossidges (that will be me of course - the sossidges).

Next day, a visit from the old bill making sure we weren't smugglin fings or people or erm takin drugs or summat. We gave em the full tour and a cuppa tea too!

Starboard side of the boat keeps to the green buoys but we are also constrained by our draught wot means we has to make sure we as enuff water under us to move!

Hello Maldon!! We're ere!! Are you ready for us?

Hmmm the river seems to be getting smaller! Hope we can make it!

Well, we did! We made it to our new mooring. More on that next time!

And so ... to bed! Phew dat was the most knackerin two days of ma life!

Next time ... mooring disasters! Fanx for poppin in.


  1. What? They is gonna make you into sossodges when the go abroad? I fink that be reason enuff not to leev us....

  2. oh you looks so tired after that exciting trip! I can't wayte to lern teh next step. Sweet dreams!

  3. Another great post. That seemed like a long trip for you. We're still amazed as to how well this boat turned out when it was a pile of rust at one point.

  4. oH iS a sUpA dUpsA uPdaTE dEr! dEy iS sO LucKyntO hAvE yOO sUpAviSiNg dA rEnNovatiOnS! cLeVa LeXiE! bUnNeRs aNd hArVs XxXXXx

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