Monday, 5 March 2012

Who eated all da pies! Dad ppfttttt! - part 28

Hello! Is me! Well, let's crack on shall we? I've lost track of time .... an we almost come full circle wiv da Atlantis bloggy. I fink dis be early 2010. 

Mum an dad are gettin ready to move Atlantis to her new mooring in Essex. We had been takin trips up there to check out the area (even tho they knows it well as they boaf lived there before Atlantis). 

We had a wander along the Blackwater River at Maldon so we could see exactly what it's like for when we bring her up. Looks pretty narrow dad says!

So, it's back to Atlantis down in deepest darkest Kent for dad! Looking at the Blackwater has really motivated him tho and he starts working on the wheelhouse windows. Windows are always useful to be able to see where you're going ;). He's cut out a wooden template so he can use that to mark up the steel and cut the windows out.

Here's dad marking up some more windows. He offers up da wooden templates and marks up, then cuts. Oh an err .. nice builders bum!! heehee. You can see the winch in front of im in dis photo. That's for the anchors obviously! 

Ere dus be me avin a look at mum who is avin a look at me. We is on the foredeck wiv dad, watchin im but he don't know!

Our ramp! It go up and down with the tide. When the tide is in we rise up about 4-7m dependin on whether it's a spring or neep tide. I telled you bowt dat before! That pole on the right stop the ramp from breakin up as sometimes Atlantis moves back or forward especially if it's a high tide. The ramp has chicken wire on it for safety. I am sure you can guess who that's for!

As you probably know by now, dad likes nuffin betta than a bit of multi-taskin! Whilst preparing the new windows in the wheelhouse he also had to go into the bow and plate over some small bow windows we had originally intended to have. We'd decided against them in the end because they are so near the water line. Here he is cutting the frames out again so he can plate over the holes. 

We see you!! If left open (there is one on the starboard side too) these small windows could cause Atlantis to sink. They is fine if you are moored in a marina and have no intenshun of every going out into the high seas. 

In the end, we decided we'd either put sealed ones in or put deck portholes in for extra light. 

Dad avin well-earned coffee and break in our luxury saloon (one day). Those sofas are so comfy tho even tho we rescood em from a skip. Our built in sofa is that wooden stuff behind me in this photo.

Mum has been tasked wiv tidyin up the walkways so that we have easy access to ropes and fenders when we is sailing. I fink she dun quite a good job on the port side. Funny she ain't taken a photo of the starboard ;)). 

This photo shows a good profile shot. You can see how much she rises up on a good tide. You can also see the wheelhouse windows in this pic. She's also showing a great shape now that she's got her skirts on around the wheelhouse.

Let's see what's frew da ............. square window!! We gonna put temporary windows I'm glad to report!

Watchin proceedings from da stern. Believe it or not this is tidy! heehee. That black fing on the floor to my right dus be a bit piece of rubber wot we gonna cut up into large fenders.

Dad takin annuva well-earned break and eatin ma favourite fing! Sossidge rolls! Mmmmm.  I just give him a little pat in case he forget he's sposed to share which he seem to do on a regular basis! pffffftttttttt.

More next time ma pals! Fanx for readin.


  1. sossijdes! you daserves a sossijdge fur all dat hard werk halpin owt wiv da ship Lexie. Its rilly coming along nicely an I can't wait to see it all finished an sailing on da oshin.

  2. I ave read da whole fing but I haz retained only one detail in my brane.....sossidge....

  3. Whew - I'm so happy you got the window problem solved. I'd hate to see you sink when out at sea - that wouldn't do at all. M says she's still in awe over the work you are doing. It's a labor of love she says.

  4. Herlo dere!!! I haz just fownd yoor blogg an' it iz grate! Ma name iz Posie, I too iz a borderr terrior! I haz nevir been on a boatie beefor butt it lookz awwsum!! love, p-dorg xox