Saturday, 24 December 2011

Chain, chain, chain!!!! - part 25

Hello!! Last time I was tellin you bowt how we decided to move to a new mooring. Well before that cud appen dad had to sort out some chain and anchors in case we had to stop any time during the trip! As you may remembers, Atlantis never had no chain or anchor, mainly coz when she was a fishing vessel she used her fishing gear and nets when she stopped. Well that and she probably never stopped much!

Mum and dad had already stripped out the galley so that dad could get to the front wall. This would get him access to the bow which is where the first step wud appen. Installation of the chain locker! There is a lot of chain to be stored! This the wall wot will be cut away.

Next dad cut two holes in the roof of the bow which where the two chains would come down from the bow. He wud also cut holes in the bow but that wud come later coz he had to work out the right angle for the chain. Ere dus be the first hole:

Ere's the uvva hole! One for each chain. we have put some chain frew to make sure it fits and can slide in an out wivout too much trubble. That chain dus be heavy and mum an dad had to knock all the rust off wit hammers first! Talk about popeye-arms and that's just mum! heehee.

Dad starts by building the locker for the chain. He dus be using steel from the walls that he had already taken down from the galley! Good recycling eh? Here's the first of the walls on the right. He also used some old scaffoldin we had holdin up the bow roof (no longer needed I hasten to add) to make the frame for the locker.
He starts welding up plate into any areas where there are holes. This locker has got to be strong and well built to keep the chain in its place. 

Here are some further walls added. The holes are above so the chain will come into the locker when the winch operates (ooohh!!) - all electronically of course ;).

Now, we dus go all well posh and dun a video! Ere's dad dussin some weldin (warning: contains bald head and some flashin stuff).

Dad plated over an old out-of-use hatch too. He as asked me to point out his very neat welding! Ok dad - here is some very neat welding please take note:

I have decided to pay a visit and inspect proceedins as is my right as ship's dog! Yes ... all seems in order, carry on dad, carry on.
Welding sparks! Ohhhh pretty!

And, coz I bin such a good doggie and dad was gettin a bit stir crazy in his little locker, a trip to Old Felixstowe for some fun on the beach!

Next time, more chain, more holes and ..... anchors!!! hurray!


  1. oh this is so interesting, thanks for sharing.
    It so different to see someone lives on a ship/boat/vessel... dont know what you call it but it seems so cool. *S*

  2. Oh look....lots of luvvly holes....but I see no yellow tape warnin mum they is the next chapter set in a hospital?

  3. Wow Lexie - You and your Mom and Dad have quite the project going on there with Atlantis. Your Da is quite the manly man, isn't he!?

    I've been super busy and haven't checked into your blog lately, and Holy Cow! You're just blogging up a storm. I don't know where you find the time...

    And Happy New Year! Cheers!