Saturday, 3 September 2011

What appens when mum gives dad camera responsibilities - part 22

Hi ma pals ... ow fings? heehee Well, where was I? I fink we was in da middle of buildin a new wheelhouse. Is Spring 2009 and fings are comin along well.

Mum workin in London agin so bin away from ome durin the day a lot. Now at dis point, we as to let you know that she anded over responsibility of photographin progress to the dad. BIIIIIGGGG mistake! As you will see ;).

To make fings easier, dad had cut a hole in da roof (or floor dependin on how you dus look at it) so they could access the wheelhouse from inside on the main deck. This is where the stairs will be in the future but for now we has to use ladder.

Mum has the pleasure of avin to carry me up an down when I wants to go up to av a look at developments!

It was still pretty cold durin April so mum, bless her, tried to make the saloon (wot you dus call livin room) a bit more comfy. A friend of ours gived us some sofas wot he was gonna frow away so dad put em in da corner so we cud av a comfy place to sit. Check it out!! Those curtains are bin bags hee-hee.

Ooohh sofas! Ow luxurious! You dussnt av to arks me twice to test em out so I give em a quick try! Yep, dey be up to da Lexie standards I am pleased to report. Mum says I be dussin ma Tommy Cooper impresshun 'just like that'!

(Stage right mum whispers: *keep going Lex, I don't think anyone has noticed the lack of wheelhouse photos*). Ahem .... right!!!

Oh .. hang on .. think I found one. Here's a photo of errr ..... the port-side wheelhouse lower wall and the walkway! Woohoo!

Oh and ... err the crane!

Oh no wait I think we have a pic of the wheelhouse coming up! Yes, here she is, rather more advanced than you were probably expectin! heehee. Even so though, check her out!! We fink she really looks great wiv her new wheelhouse. You can see dad has cut the windows out and put some temporary wooden windows in for protection.

Right, dat is it! Mum, told dad he is verboten from takin any more photos wifout strict supervision! He said 'well I was buildin the bloody thing'- fair point dad.

Ere dus be annuva angle wiv our 007 powerboat on da back! As you can see is a nice big deck on da back. Lots of sun-bavin potential!

Oh and finally .... news on da ball front .... i got annuva new ball coz we lost ma blue one. I got a red one!

See you next time when we dis stop wheelhouse work stops as they work furiously to strip the old galley so dad can get to the bow and install anchors. We move into a HOUSE (eh what?) an all work focusses on gettin her ready to move back to Essex (crikey!!).



  1. Dat Bloody rust heap is beginning to look like a really nice boat. You are getting there Lexi - at least you has a comfy place to sit and relax. We are still amazed by the entire process. Can't wait to see the finished prouct.

  2. They sofaz looks rill cozy an you haz a scritchabulz tummy!

  3. Hmmm, now i see dat Atlantis be a a nice surprise....hee hee