Monday, 2 August 2010

Looks like the bedroom will have to wait annuva year - part 11

Last time I telled you dat 2007 was big push for da bedroom. Dad was very keen to get rid of the old wheelhouse so he could complete all the steelwork as soon as possibles.

He started buildin the rooms down in what was the old fish-hold. You remember that? There was no trace of fishy smells any more coz mum and dad had cleaned out each bilge compartment and jetwashed any remainin icky stuff!

In case you forgetted, here is da fish-hold before (wif some strip out too):

And here it dus be after, ready for fittin out (blasted and painted):

The first fing dad dun was to weld new plate into old access route and cut a new bigger hol by the bulkhead wall where da new staircase would go. The fish-hold was big enough for two bedrooms, a small hall and an en-suite for da bigger bedroom. Dat was gonna be mum and dad's bedroom (and mine of course) for a while.

Next fing wot dey dun was get all the wood for walls and floor down the hole into the hold. Altogeva they dun about 20 big sheets of wood wot measured bout 3m. They was very heavy! Mum was puttin them down the hole and dad was loadin them togeva.

She fink she got the raw end of the deal but dad telled her was good for her dinner lady arms!! I won't tell you wot she said to dat!!  Troof was dat the bilge was not covered over and dad, knowin mum's track record, decided it was too risky for her to cross. She would fall in for sure!

Next fing wot need to be done was to put in a new door to da engine room wot never had no access there before. Dad did cut out the hole and they put in the new door. Until dat time, they had to go down few annuva ladder! They always goin up and down ladders! If I wants to go wiv dem, I has to be carried.

Ere dus be new door. Please everyone control your excitement! Ahhh bless mum and dad they saddo's they got very eggsited bout their new door I can tell you!

After that dad start battenin out da walls wiv some strips of wood. He also gotta spray foam da walls wif da erm .... spray foamy stuff! Once that done he can start to put up walls and put in da floor! Bedroom here we come. Oh wait .... 2007 is finished! Guess we not gonna be in da bedroom this year! Never mind, we dus be used to dat. Sometimes is just the way of fings. So we carries on sleepin on da floor in the wheelhouse for a little longer. Mum dussnt as to worry bout fallin out of bed just yet ;)).

Oh just in case you wondrin wot da Lexie up to! Well here I dus be relaxin in ma favorit place in da galley where is warm and toasty! Mainly coz mum got the oven on for heat for us! As you can see dem seat cushions has seen better days. No I didn't claw them! Well ok I did claw them but they were already mankazoid anyway!

See you in 2008 definitely be in the bedroom den I can feel it in ma bones!!


  1. I can't wate to see teh finished bedroom Lexie, you must haz so much fun on dat boat!

  2. You have such an amazing story. We are just in awe of everything your peeps have accomplished. Cute pic of you Lexi.

  3. I gots a idea for your mum and dad: gettums a ouse. Is usually comin wiv rooms and fings all bilt insides it. Advice is for free. Fanks

  4. Its sounds like thing is commin along wif da boat,an poor moms arm BOL I hope sumday we can all see your boat N person !!!! HUGSxxxx