Friday, 7 May 2010

We're all goin on a summer olidays init! - part 7

Is bin so long since I dun bloggy bout Atlantis I did forget where I was up to! I had to go back and has a look. Ahh right I am livin in da life of the luxury(ish) after bein rescued from da horrible man wot shud never of had a Lexie!

The year now dus be 2006 and we in middle of anova cold winter, sleepin da wheelhouse! I won’t bore you wif da details, I’s already telled you bout the kind of fing that appens, you know! Fings like:

· Frozen water pipes
· Boiler locking out coz of cold (boiler was housed in engine room what was very cold)
· Wakin up in da middle of night freezing coz is bout -2
· None of us wanting to go to the toilet in da night
· Ice in da shower
· Wearing four layers of clothes (I did have a coat too!)
· Mum wearin hat in bed (dad say he still fink she sexy!)
· Slippery steps of death (as previously mentioned) 

Dat last probly bout da first three munfs of the year! You know the drill, lots of layers, dad escortin mum back and forth to the car for safety (mum and ice = fallin over).

Mum still workin miles away in Witham wot is bout 60 miles from da boat. She workin from home one sometime two days a week. I dus really missed her. No matter what time she got in from work, she always takes me for walkies to da beach. We even wud go out wif torch (and dad if mum in danger of fallin over).

Durin the daytimes me and dad wud snuggle in da boat for warmf or if was not too cold he wud go and do some work on da boat. I would accompany him in ma supervisory capacity unless was too cold for da Lexie! I hads ma own door by then so I cuds come and go as I liked.

As the weather warmed up, dad continued wif da work on the new structure (remember is called saloon!). Most important was all da welding to make the structure good and solid. All da supporting beams across da roof was welded in place. 

A crane barge arrive to move da crane from the main deck to the roof of the superstructure so dad could use it for installing the skirts.

He was also busy with putting the skirts around the roof to give her nice curves. Dad had been workin on his own and was havin to wait for mum to come home to help before he cud do fings. In da end, they decide to employ a young lad wot live in the marina to elp! That was Jared. He is ma lovely friend wot loves to play wif me and always had time for tummy tickles – for me not dad! Heehee. 

Dad and Jared (he is on da roof in dat photo aboves) had the crane moved onto the roof of the structure so they could use it to put the curves in and could tac them into place. Here’s dad and Jared workin on the back curve.

At weekends mum and dad worked on putting a new generator they had acquired into the engine room. Dad liked to save all the dirty jobs for mum! They cut a hole in the side wall of da upper engine room and use a chain-hoist to slowly manoeuvre the generator into lower engine-room. 

Me and mum was spending lots of time walkin around da area and finding fun places to go. Our best walk is to da local power station which walks all along da Medway riverbank. Goes for miles and miles and involves lots of mud, swimming and ball throwin! I can walk for a long way now coz mum has built up ma stamanina! Not sure if you knows this, but I loooooves to swim! heehee ;)).

When mum at work and dad and Jared busy, I fnd maself a nice place to relax an has a little sleeps! 

In August, mum take me to the Lake District to see if I got this walkin fing sorted! She say we goin on walkin holiday Lex! I say, to maself coz I can’t talk hoomins, oooooh I never been on olidays before, this should be fun and I loves to walk now. I not the little doggie wot scared of everyfink and everyone no more! I ready to take on da world, is they ready for Lexie?

Dad decide to stay at home and do more noisy, dirty work while mum is away. He has to cut out more of the engine room, to get other equipment in that he has. He say ‘me and Jared can make a mess, lots of noise and not worry about you and Lex! Go, have a good time!’

So off we goes to the Lake District – me, mum and our friend Pelicia wot is from Malaysia! Oh, let me tell you, I never had seen such wonderful fings like all dem hills and lakes! Was wonderful!  Dis is Pelicia, she lovely! We was at Lake Windermere.

We go to Grassmere (Wordsworth was being all poetic there wif his I wandered lonely as a cloud and all that jazz). We stay in lovely doggie-friendly hotel. I was allowed to stay in da room right there with mum! We climb up hill and down dale!

Here's me and da mum posin! I never knew life cud be like dis! Is I dreamin? I scared dat one day I gonna wake up and find it was all a dream and I still locked on dat boat wif da orrible man and his shoe wot he beat me wif!

When we gets ome dad and Jared has been workin ard on Atlantis! Dad also met a man wot is buyin a oooooge boat called a coaster. He wants to turn it into a recordin studio an he heard that dad is an hexpert in dis area of boat conversion! He wants dad to work for him and he wants to film it all!

Here is the boat and in da next chapter we tells you wot appen wif dat boat! 

We also tells you bout mum’s job and how unhappy she was! Her old boss what she love did leave and she was put under anova orrible manager who was making her life hell! Quit! Quit! Quit! Dad say. So she did! 

Fanx for reading friends! See you on da hustins (wot is they?)!


  1. aww U had sooo much snow an Ice glad U an mom an dad OK!Your mum must B a very kind lady 2 do all da dirty jobs !! Its so nice U an mum go hoiliday wif nice lady !Jared must B very nice 2 an so glad he Nice 2 Lexie ! IT nice of dad 2 let mum quit bad job wif meen man BOL Yea! Dad ! HUGS wat happen wif ovver boat???

  2. love your doggie bloggie Lexie !!!!!!!!and so does Jack xx

  3. Oh your story iz so xciting Iz can't wait for teh next chapter. Iz so happy you had such a grate trip to teh lakescountry too.

  4. I love hearing about your adventures with Mom and Dad. You are so lucky you found them (or they found you). That man what beat you with a shoe needs to be punished for being so horrible. My eyes leak every time I think about even though it was a long time ago. But they don't leak long because I know you found a good forever home and you have a wonderful life now like you deserve.

  5. He he Lexie! You are a special kinda doggie! It is lovely to hear all bout your 'pawprint' on da world!. Your Mum and Dad are the best things ever! Lots of Licks to you! AnnieBella