Thursday, 28 January 2010

A bit earlier than expected!

Okey dokey pig in a pokey soooooo... right.... here I am then! I wasn't gonna start a blog yet i was gonna wait til I had sumfink excitin to say and was only gonna blog bout our boat. So, then I fort, what they hell, I just blog and see what appens.

Some of you may know dat we live on a boat. We is temporarily livin in house while ma dad gets fings sorted on da boat so we can move back on. Mum and dad have lived on her since 19 July 2003, and I moved in wiv dem on da 1 September 2004. Ma mum and dad av dun lots of work on da boat and now we is ready to move her to a new mooring nearer to where we lives so dey can work harder to get her finished.

Here is some pictures. She be called MV Atlantis. MV means motor vessel. She is a 100ft trawler yacht conversion.

This be her in July 2003 sailing in the Irish Sea

This be her in January 2009 moored at Tylers' Wharf

As you can see she needs bit of TLC now. Dat why we moving too. Maldon has a drydock for her to go into to get nice new paint job and finish off all works.

Ma dad dun all dat work himselfs with a little help from mum and lots of help from a great lad who live nearby called Jared. He is from South Africa and I loves him loads.

We is workin on a new website for da boat coz we are lazy at updatin the old one. If you do want to see our journey have a look at

How does you end a post? I'm not sure of da ending a post etiquette! So, maybe I just goes like this. Cheerio toodlepip - This be Lexie signing off.


  1. I luv it Lexi, I wants 2 nos all bout urs adventures on da boat!!How exciting !!!HUGSHUGS

  2. Hmmm, I phink you already has the ang of doin a blog there my lovely chum. It do be very good indeed and I wishes you lots of luck wiv it.

    Big kisses from me for you.

  3. It is fantastic, hon. Put a "subscribe by e.mail" gizmo on it and we can get your up-dates direct!! Clever girl! The more you use and pay around with bloggy it, the better it gets!!

    Love you! XXXXXX

  4. Your blog is great, Lexie!!! I'm really looking forward to find out more about your adventures with your boat!!! That's sooooo exciting, I would LOVE to go with you!!! BIG BIG HUGS to you!!! :-)